Zdeněk Miler Foundation donates almost 250 000 CZK to help Department Of Mother And Child Care

More than 240 000 CZK have been collected during the beneficial gala evening which was organised in the middle of October by the Zden?k Miler Foundation in cooperation with Mercedes Benz and Chopard companies and The Augustine Hotel in Prague. The profit is now coming to the Department Of Mother And Child Care in Prague – Podolí. Ceremonial handover took place in the Department Of Mother And Child Care in Prague – Podolí on the 30th October. Granddaughter of the famous illustrator and president of the company – Karolína Milerová attended the event as well.

Cheque for 242 564 CZK was recieved by the deputy of Department Of Mother And Child Care MuDr. Ladislav Krofta CSc. from the hands of Elmar Greif, general director of The Augustine Hotel. „I´d like to thank to Zden?k Miler Foundation and other partners for the beneficial gala evening which was organised for our medical facility. I really appreciate that becasue the care which is provided by our facility is really expensive. Obtained funds are helping us in acquiring the latest technologies and widening the spectre of medical interventions. We plan to use the profit in the Centre Of Fetal Medicine which is engaged in intrauterine surgeries,“ says Ladislav Krofta. Beneficial gala evening even the handover itself took place under the patronage of Zden?k Miler Foundation. Zden?k Miler was the famous illustrator and author of Little Mole character. The foundation was established by Karolína Milerová, granddaughter of the author. „Grandpa devoted his life to work for children. He always told me that helping the others in need is one of the meanings of life. The foundation of his name fully supports his thoughts and legacy. We try to help children from the crisis centres, disabled, ill and even the unborn children. Zden?k Miler Foundation unlike the other foundations has no operational expenses because employees of my Little Mole Company are taking care of it. Thanks to it, absolutely all money which we obtains are coming to people in need,“ says founder of the foundation Karolína Milerová. Media partners of the event are Czech Television and Impuls Radio.

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