Days of eyesight prevention just began. Hundreds of police officers, firefighters and paramedics have their eyes examined for free

Eye center Prague, in cooperation with the components of the Prague Integrated Rescue System has prepared another year of the “Days of eyesight prevention.” It starts on Wednesday, 16th and keep continue until November.

Each member of the components of the Prague Integrated Rescue System may pass out an eyes exhamination for free. This project was focused only on police officers in last years, but other components of Integrated Rescue System accepted offer this year – Prague Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service of Prague.

„Prevention is the principle of health and we are glad that also this year that this year we continued cooperation from previous years. About 300 police officers were interested in our project last year. This fact has become an impulse for us to offer a free examination to the other components of the IRS, jwhose work is very beneficial to the public, but often under-appreciated ,“ said Mgr. Adam Janek, director of the Eye Center Prague.

„Days of eyesight prevention“ starts on 16th Ostober 2013 on the premises of the Regional Directorate of Police of the City of Prague. „This year follows the success of previous cooperation and hope that will have a positive response among members who need good eyesight for their profession,“ said the coordinator of prevention of the Regional Directorate of Police of the City of Prague lieutenant Mgr. Zuzana Pidrmanova.

Miss Czech republic 2006 Renata Langmannova, who graduated Security and Legal activities of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic, will support her associates un the event.

„Days of eyesight prevention“ will be held on 23rd – 24th October and then 29th – 30th October 2013, these days will be determined for members of Prague Police Department and for Emergency Medical Service of Prague. Eye examination takes only 30 minutes, examination includes a consultation with an ophthalmologist, who will recommend any further cure.

„This preventive action we have greeted with enthusiasm for our employees. Police officers were quite excited about eye examination. Because doctors examinated officers at their work place so they saved their time – which was like a bonus. We hope that this cooperation will continue,“ said the head of director’s office Prague Police Dept. Irena Seifertova.

Whole project was positive also for Emergency Medical Service of Prague.

Prague Fire Department will pass „Days of eyesight prevention“ during November.