Winter season in Špindl is finishing. Children are skiing for 1 CZK.

Although the most of ski resort has already finished its winter operation you can still ski in Špindl until Sunday of 19th March. Let´s take the last chance to ski on the empty slope with cheaper skipasses this year.

“I can confirm that the winter operation really ends this Sunday. I´d like to thanks all the visitors for great season and invite them to come back even in the summer when lot of activities and fun will be set also,” said business and marketing director of Špindler?v mlýn Ski Resort René Hroneš and also added that: “Cablecar Hromovka and Hromovka I. and II. slopes are working in the last week of winter season. The reason i mainly good entrance from the big parking lot.” There is still a lot of snow even in the second half of the April – circa 20 to 30 cm. If you plan to spend spring days in the biggest ski resort you can look forward to nonexisting queues, empty slopes and significantly cheaper skipasses. One day ticket costs 350 CZK for all age cathegories. Children will pay only 1 CZK on Saturday and Sunday even.
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