Vojta Kotek finishes shooting of outside scenes in his new comedy called “Padesátka”

Director Vojta Kotek plans to finish the shooting of all the outside scenes of his new comedy “Padesátka”. The interiors are set for the April. The film based on the script of Petr Kole?ko takes place in the winter mountains, especially in Špindler?v mlýn. Today the crew has been shooting erotic scene with Jakub Pracha? or funny sequences with Hana Vagnerová or Lukáš Pavlásek.

The film crew was really lucky today due to the weather so one of the last outside scenes of the new comedy “Padesátka” are going to take place udner the clear blue sky. Jakub Pracha?, playing Jura character, acted erotic scene on the peaks of Medv?dín, Lukáš Pavlásek presented the polish character. Jakub Štáfek as Dulava and Hana Vágnerová as Kunová acted another funny scene either, “Jakub was throwing a tree from the balcony on me. I was bit scared at first but it ended well. Even Vojta Kotek who was supposed to save me appeared in front of the camera. I enjoyed shooting a lot, it was big fun. I´m from sporting family so my father is proud that I play the sportswoman, ” said 32 years old actress Hana Vágnerová about shooting. Even Vilma Cibulková, Ond?ej Pavelka or Marek Taclík will take a part in the movie inspired by the most famous czech winter comedies as “S tebou m? baví sv?t”, “Sn?ženky a mach?i” or “And?l na horách”. The plot is set around the people from the snowy peaks, cross-ski race called “T?íkrálová padesátka” and a man who decided to know his man. Everything takes place in the 70´s, so you can look forward to retro costumes and haircuts. “All exterior scenes will be finished during Saturday and Sunday. In the April we will hit the interiors. The most difficult was probably the crowd racing scene, which was attended by three hundered ski racers, neither interpretation of Vilma Cibulková´s accident was easy,” producer of the film Daniel Strejc has said and added that the premiere of the film will take place in this year´s December.