TMR purchases the Silesian Fun Park

Demanovska Dolina (14th April 2015) – Taty Mounatin Resort, a.s. (TMR) has announced that it finally decided to overtake 3/4 share of Silesian Fun Park from the polish WPKiW S.A. TMR wants to invest 120 mil PLN (30 mil EUR) to modernization of park within next five years. TMR starts to operate ?l?skie Weso?e Miasteczko near polish Chorzów town on the 1st of May.

Board of TMR has finally agreed with polish WPKiW S.A. which owns Sileasian Fun Park near polish Chorzów after months of interviews that it will enter the modernization project of park as a strategic investor. Boards of TMR and WPKiW S.A. which comes under the local autonomy has signed the deal on the 14th of April. TMR eneters the new purpose-built company SPV which will own and operate the park. TMR will gain 3/4 share in SPV for 30 mil PLN and even managing control, the rest 1/4 share will stay in hands of selling WPKiW S.A.
“Several generations of Poles has grown up in the biggest and oldest polish fun park with rich history. The park is localized in the center of green oasis which is three times bigger than New York Central Park. The area of Silesian Fun Park is comparable with middle sized western european lunaparks. Our company is the TOP subject in touristic industry and has great experiences with operating ski resorts and aquaparks as well as with revitalizations of historical tatranian resorts and acquisitions and its expansions as the Aquapark Tatralandia. I believe that TMR will bring back the old fame of Silesian Fun Park even thanks to the access to the capital and it will become the modern resort which will fullfill the expectations of Poles. I´m sure that the tourism wil be revived and the new chapter of lunaparks in Central Europe will be open with TMR entering the project,” said Bohuš Hlavatý, the board director and CEO of TMR.

TMR promised to invest 120 mil PLN into project in the next five years. After the succesful realization of the investment plan TMR will be allowed to use the option for purchasing the rest 1/4 share from WPKiW S.A. Enter of TMR into project as the strategic partner was approved by WPKiW S.A. supervisory board, local government, involved owners and local representatives. The five years investment plan of modernization of the fun park with 120 mil PLN hudget after TMR enetering involves even implementations of new design and concepts, buying new attractions , modernization of greenery, pavements and entering hall, building of FaB operation, widening of parking lots and modernization of other infrastructure.

Polish management of the fun park has started the search for the modernization investor in the September of 2014. TMR was chosen for its professionality in mountain resorts management in High Tatras and Aquapark Tatralandia and for rich experiences with operating and modernization of its resorts.

The Silesian Fun Park near polish town Chorzów is the biggest and oldest fun park in Poland. It has started to operate on 1959 and its area consists of 26 ha. The park is located in the upper-silesian industrial aglomeration with unique “green oasis” of Silesian Park (Park ?l?ski). The biggest attraction of the park are the airplanes hanged on 45 m high tower. The russian wheel from which you can oversee the entire Silesia operates since 1985. Roller-coaster of 21 m length operates since 2007. There is 50 attractions in the park and it visited by 200 000 people each year.