Špindl will open new snowpark this weekend officially. Including Big Air, ski races and mass bike convetion!

The biggest Krkonoše resort offers rich activities for snowboard and freeskiing lovers even this season. The resort will open brand new snowpark on Sv. Petr and Big Air this weekend. Neither Funtrack Hromovka and mass mountain bike convention called Chinese Downhill will be missing. Skiers can look forward to one meter of snow and daily adjusted slopes.
Špindler?v mlýn offers ideal skiing conditions currently. Seventy to one hundered centimeters of snow lays on twenty-four kilometeres of slopes of various levels right now. If you plant he mountain weekend you won´t be bored in Špindler?v mlýn. „We will be officially opening the new Burton snowpark on the playground on Sv. Petr this weekend. Snowpark on this place is opened for the first time in the entire history. The ski lift leading alongside all the barriers and beautiful panorama are the big advantage. Park is specified for more experienced snowboarders, but the resort thinks even of the beginners, there are easier barriers and lot of waves and bumps,“ says ?en?k Jílek, director of the Špindler?v Mlýn resort. Funtrack is open even for the evening skiing thanks to the lightening. Resort will be completed with the newly opened Big Air on the finish of Sv. Petr this weekend. It will be part of the Audio Snowjam – the world FIS championship in snowboarding which will take place in the half of the March in Špindler?v Mlýn and will be attended by the snowboard elite. „Preparations on the slope are running currently and neithe U-ramp and other barriers will be missing,“ said ?en?k Jílek.
The next weekend will bring even the fifth season of skiing reality show of Czech Television „S ?T Na Vrchol“. You can even look forward to the satuday´s Chinese Downhill – mass mountain bike convention on the red slope. The attendance was confirmed by almost 200 of bikers already. Neither afterparty in Sv. Petr restaurant, DJ´s and music group will be missing. Connosieurs can liven up their stay with experimental dinner in Na Pláni restaurant on the peaks of Krkonoše in 1188 meters above the sea level or unforgettable Fresh Track. „Skiing on the morning corduroy and empty slope can be enjoyed by the visitors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Sv. Petr since 7:30 till 9:30 AM. The rich mountain breakfast in Na Pláni restaurant is part of the Fresh Track,“ said René Hroneš, business and marketing director of the resort.
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