One of the most attractive slopes opened in High Tatra Mountains

Don´t miss the amazing hillside from the highest situated black slope from Lomnické sedlo in Tatranská Lomnica if you plan to visit slovakian Tatra Mountains. The most attractive slope begins in the height of 2190 meters above the sea level, it is 1240m long and runs to the Skalnaté pleso.

Skiing path from Lomnické sedlo to Skalnaté pleso and further on the red slopes from Skalnaté pleso to Tatranská Lomnica is 5,5km long and it is the longest slope with 1300m elevation difference. The average inclination of the slope in Lomnické sedlo is almost 47 percents. Opening of the slope depends on the wind conditions because i tis natural snow – only. There is over 1m of natural snow in Lomnické sedlo currently. The hillside is being adjusted by the snowcat and it is monitored by the Mountain Rescue Service who determines if it is possible to ski on the slope of Lomnické sedlo or if it is necessary to close it because of the danger of the snowslide. Advanced skiers will enjoy so called „French Mulda“ – one of the possibilities of downskiing of thi hillside. French Mulda is the southwestern part of Lomnické sedlo. The difficult freeride track is 1380m long and the elevation difference is 408m. There is roughly more than 1m of natural snow currently. Tatranská Lomnica resort offers 12km of ski slopes and great skiing conditions with opening of the Lomnické sedlo. 70 to 140m is present on the slopes currently.