Nominations on Žena regionu award are finishing. Register you favourites!

Do you know any exceptional woman who you´d like to award? Do you know any women who is willing to give up her free time to the others and can combine her activities with family issues? Do you think there is not enough public discussion about these unusual women? Change it!

6th season of the national competition called Žena regionu is under way. The project of Žena regionu is meant for all women who are not only recquiring excellent results in their occupation but even participate on public life, create utility values, help the others and combine it even with the care for family. Chairman of the Czech Senate Milan Št?ch holds his patronage over the competition for the second time.“ The purpose of competition is to appreciate the efforts of exceptional women, to make their work and activities more visible and to show that every region has a lot of unusual women who give up their free time to the others often,“ says the project founder Denisa Kalivodová. Women can compete in those cathegories: business, politics and public administration, education, science and research, healthcare and charity, art, culture and sport. Nominations will be recieving until the Tuesday of 3rd January.
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