Surprise for Jan Kraus in Tatras: Real Tatranec and sheep!

Jasna/Low Tatras – Winter season just begun in Tatras. Rich program was prepared for public during the day – drums show to race for the public.

Even moderator Jan Kraus headed to Low Tatras, real Tatranec with sheep had waited for him during the grand opening of the new congress hall. Even baptism took place on the roof.

Cutting tape and typically red sofa waited for him. Jan Kraus with Tatranec enjoyed “Something of a local warm-up” on the sofa. Tatranec explained to Kraus that he would love to host him, like to drink with him but reign over the Tatras is just his stuff to do.

Kraus, who filmed the next episode of his show, did not miss a ride by Funitel on top of Chopok.

Even czech presenter Michaela Ochotska didn’t miss a chance to see an opening of new congress hall. Thereafter she started run race for public and she was excited from sheep on roof as well.

Visitors could enjoy the evening in very popular club Happy End, where Tina or or Celeste Buckingham performed.