January in Špindlerův Mlýn? More than twenty-one kilometeres of ski slopes, more than fifty centimeteres of snow and significantly cheaper skipasses!

Do you plan a vacancy or just a weekend in the mountains in January? Visit Špindler?v Mlýn. The biggest ski resort in Krkonoše Mountains promises ideal snow conditions to skiers. You can look forward to more than twenty-one kilometeres of ski slopes with more than fifty centimeteres of snow, short queues, free skibuses and parking and advantegeous skipasses for the GOPASS holders. You can ski from 435 CZK until 21st January.

„The amount of the snow is increasing thanks to the freezing weather and often snowing on the slopes. Twenty-five centimeters of snow has fallen just during Monday. There is more than fifty centimeteres on Sv. Petr and more than eighty centimeters on Horní Míse?ky. Skiresort will be fully working soon“, says the director of Špindler?v Mlýn Ski Resort ?en?k Jílek and adds that more than eighteen kilometeres of slopes is available right now. Entire Horní Míse?ky, Labská and Stoh, red and blue slopes on Medv?dín, little hank, blue and part of the red slope on Sv. Petr and both Hromovkas are operating. Since January visitors can enjoy even the evening skiing on Hromovka which is currently the longest and best lightened slope for evening skiing in Czech Republic. „We will open the entire red slope on Sv. Petr and black slope on Medv?dín until the next weekend. We will offer more than twenty-one kilometers of slopes with the high-quality of snow-cover and adjustment“, adds ?en?k Jílek.
Eleven thousand visitors were attracted on the first weekend in January by almost ideal snow conditions. Waiting time in queues in front of the cashdesks was reduced significantly thanks to new GOPASS fidelity programme. Neither queues for the cablecars are of large scale. „We´re expecting the biggest strain of skiers in the beginning of February when the winter holidays starts. January is ideal for peaceful and high-quality skiing due to the amount of the visitors for weekends as well for weekdays,“ said René Hroneš, business and marketing director of Špindler?v Mlýn Ski Resort. Visitors can use the free parking near Hromovka, Medv?dín and Horní Míse?ky cablecar. If the capacity would fullfill visitors can park by the entrance to Špindler?v Mlýn and then get to the cablecar comfortably with skibus which is free either for everyone. Resort has new modern infocenter and cashdesks, sport and fashion store, big ski and snowboard rental in Sv. Petr and Ápres ski bars Hromovka and Sv. Petr. Visitors will appreciate new safe nets on the slopes and widened bridge on the finish of Hromovka hillsides either. But the biggest novelty of this season is the new fidelity programme GOPASS. „Members of GOPASS club can gain a lot of advantages during the year. The biggest is the cheaper price of skipasses without doubt. Current either new members who can register on www.gopass.cz can buy wholeday weekday skipass for 435 CZK and wholeday weekend skipass for 535 CZK until 21st January,“ added René Hroneš.
Špindler?v Mlýn will offer a lot of interesting public events in January either. Icebuilding, music and fun festival will take place on 17th and 18th January. You can look forward to the icebuilding workshop in the center of the town and Sv. Petr resort or evening public ski race Ice Master and following after party. Neither rich children and adult programme will be missing. Last but one January weekend will offer 2nd season of the only horse snow polo in Czech Republic. Just Ride event of freeride.cz where snowboarders and freeride skiers will be testing the newest equipment of various brands for free will take place on 31st January. Tent city, rich supporting programme, competitons and evening party right on the finish of the slopes in Sv. Petr will occur.