Professional caretakers look after kids while you´re skiing

Skiresort Tatranská Lomnica comes with an offer of babysitting during the winter season. Professional caretakers are looking after kids in Kamzíkovo Center in Skalnaté Pleso while their parents can enjoy marvellous skiing without fear on Tatra peaks.
Nursing service for 3 + children has widened interior childrens center in 1,751 m above the sea level. “Caretakers in Kamzíkovo are looking after the kids on playgrounds and climbing frames, in pools with balloons and even in the “calm-area”. Children are playing on climbing frames, in labyrinths, pools, climbing the nets, drawing and are sorrounded by plenty of toys,” says Zuzana Fabiánová, the press agent of Tatra Mountains Resort. Children can learn interesting info about the life of animals of Tatra Mountains right in the beginning of Kamzíkovo town where the gallery of animals is installed. Bear, marmot, foxes, eagle, wild pig, owls, wolf and others. But the most precious object of the installation is the life-sized exhibit of tatranian chamois. As well as the admiring the exhibit of chamois children will be introduced to his relatives: the carthusian chamois from the forefront of french Alps, caucausian chamois living in Gerogia, carpathian chamois from romanian mountains and balkan chamois living in the area of the part of former Yugoslavia – Albania and Bulgaria and Greece. Even the jewel of alpinian´s meadows and hillside can be seen here – alpinian chamois living in Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia and Liechtenstein.
The children center is open in winter season in Kamzíkovo since 10 AM to 3 PM. More informations on babysitting are available on
Ideal winter weather and plenitude of natural snow are satisfactory for High Tatras skiing these days. 90 to 150 cm in average lays on the High Tatra´s slopes. Ideal conditions for skiing are on Lomnické sedlo with 150 cm and the other conditions are really good as well. Visitors of Hrebienok can take a look on ice statues of Tatras “Ice Master” and “Tatranský dom”.