SuperCity Pendolino: The fastest connection to Tatra Mountains

Czech Railways (?D) in cooperation with slovakian national transporter Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) will offer fastest connection from Bohemia and Moravia to Tatra Mountains and Košice city. Ride from Prague to Poprad – Tatry will last less then 6,5 hours and ride from Prague to Košice will last aproximately 7,5 hours. Both companies will offer advantaged tickets and turistic packages to travellers. F.e. ride from Prague to Poprad will cost 16 EUR (453 CZK) including booking and ride from Prague to Košice will cost 18 EUR (509 CZK). „All-time fast connection from Prague to northern Slovakia will work thanks to SuperCity Pendolino which is the fastest train in Czech Republic,“ says Michal Št?pán, member of ?D board responisbal for personal transport and adds: „Pendolinos can run in speed of 160 km/h on modernized corridor. Their average speed from Prague to Ostrava is 120 km/h including stops. From Prague to Košice on the difficult mountain paths it reaches 95 km/h speed.“
Comfort as in airplane
Pendolino offers high quality travelling comparable with the air transportation. Train is equipped with airconditioned broadspaced unit with adjustable upholstered seats in a row like in airplane or opposite to each other with folding table , diner with selection of cold and warm meals and drinks including draught beer, 230 V pull out trays for charging laptops, mobile phones and tablets, Wi-Fi connection with board server with informations, entertainment (games, music, films), possibility to offer refreshment to your seat online or watching rail in front of the train on webcam.
Michal Št?pán reminds even special services on the train board : „Special seats are reserved for families with children. The Game „Elfíkova cesta“ is present on this seats. Choldren programme is available even on the board server. One wagon of 2nd class is set aside for passangers who don´t wnat to be disturbed with phone ringing or other electronical devices and is marked as „silent“. Special seats are set aside even for wheelchair users, including non-barrier toilet or three places for bicycles.“
Cheaper ride to Slovakia with advantages for skiing
Advantaged tarifs will be offered in SuperCity Pendolino aside usual tarifs and compulsory booking. Ride from Prague to Košice will be available from 509 CZK (18 EUR), ride to Poprad from 453 CZK (16 EUR) and ride to Žilina from 350 CZK (12 EUR) including booking.
Since January 2015 ?D will offer special turistic packages to passangers including not only transport with SuperCity Pendolino or EuroCity Koši?an to Slovakia and back but even the ticket for „Tatranská elektrická a ozubnicová železnice“ , skipass, discounts for hotels, cab transport, aquapark visit and other advantages. The price will be set according to the lenght of the ride from Bohemia and Moravia and lenght of the stay in Tatras. Discount will be available even for retired and youths. Special packages are prepared even for the summer season.
Skiresort Malino Brdo is easily reachable with SuperCity Pendolino in readiness of project ?D Ski where ?D passangers can get 20 percent discount for two or three days skipass. Skipasses are mutual even for PARK SNOW Donovaly resort also set into ?D Ski project. ?D passangers can gain 1 + 1 skipaass for free 10. – 18. 1 2015 in Ski Bike Malino Brdo resort. More informations on
Heading to Slovakia through the night or with a car
?D together with ZSSK offer even comfortable night travelling to Tatras area, Košice and even more to the east to Humenné. Two night trains with bed and couchette areas are being sent for the ride regulary. You can newly travel in the couchette wagons f.e. with only 4 occupied seats or in women only area. Couchette wagon were only mixed until now. The offer of refreshment is spreading the selection also there.
The „autovlak“ service remains in function in the trains. You load the car in the evening in Prague, spend the night comfortably in the bed wagon and then continuewith your car in the morning to your resort in area of tatras or Košice. Novelty is the „autovlak“ going regulary in specific days from Prague to Humenné. Daytime train Koši?an will depart from Prague to Košice on Friday and the opposite way on Sunday.

Services and parameteres of Pendolino:

Services in the whole train:
– Airconditioned and pressureproof wagon construction
– Closed WC system
– Audio info system , even visual on the outter side of the train
– 230 V pull out trays
– Wi-Fi connection
– Train server (info, entertainment, services), reachable through the Wi-Fi
– Safety of passangers – central door closing and automatic blocking during the ride
– Train diner with the selection of warm and cold food and drinks
– Delivery of refreshment through Wi-Fi order right to the passanger´s seat
– Adjustable upholstered seats
– Electronically controlled slats

Services in the 1st class:
– Seats opposite to each other with folding table
– Premium service right to the passanger´s seat (daily press, drinks, little refreshment included in the price of the ticket)

Services in the 2nd class:
– 2 seats for passangers on orthopedical wheelchair
– Special seats for passangers with children younger then 10 years with Elfíkova cesta game
– Silent wagon
– 3 places for bicycle transport
– Daily press and one drink in the price of the ticket

Technical parameters:
– Number of wagons: 7
– Number of 1st class seats: 52
– Number of 2nd class seats: 271
– Lenght of the unit: 185 m
– Maximum speed: 230 km/h
– Usual operational speed on the infrastructure in CZ: 160 km/h
– Capacity: 4000 kw
– Weight: 385 t
– Year of construction 2003 – 2004
– Equipped with national informational and safety devices for operating on the SŽDC, ŽSR, DB, OBB and european ETCS and GSM – R systém
Mgr. Petr Š?áhlavský, ?D press agent
T: 972 322 299
Hotline of ?D press department: 724 977 822,

About ?eské dráhy, a.s.
?eské dráhy belongs to the leading railway companies in European Union area. This national transporter dispatches more than 7300 trains every weekday. Passangers percieve changes happening in services in a positive way and their interes tis raising especially in long-distance and suburban transport. 169, 3 millions of passangers used ?eské dráhy connection.