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We offer a professional and comprehensive service in the field of event management – from initial determination of an effective strategy, planning, professional pre-production and organization, implementation to monitoring media output.
Our team of creative professionals, event managers and professional production managers can prepare the following for your business:
  • •   Party, open party or a party for employees
  • •   “Open days”
  • •   Corporate party
  • •   Teambuilding
  • •   Business party for your business partners
  • •   An event for your employees – such as a Christmas party, corporate ball and many more
  • •   We work with a number of celebrities and VIPs from social, cultural or sporting circles and can arranged their attendance of your party, corporate party or ball.
  • We also arrange special events for your company – unconventionally themed events aimed to promote your company, service or product.
  • •   A team of event managers and creative professionals devise an innovative concept specifically tailored to the client’s requirements
  • •   The production team prestigiously prepares and realises the whole event in collaboration with the event manager
  • •   We also offer comprehensive consultancy services in the field of event management
  • •   Comprehensive services in the field of pre-production, production and realisation of the event according to the client’s requirements
  • •   Preparation and realisation of corporate parties, preparation of “Open Days“, parties, corporate balls and open parties
  • •   Comprehensive services in the field of teambuilding and preparation of teambuilding events
  • •   Preparation and realization of business parties for VIP partners
  • •   Preparation and realisation of unusual events and parties, taking into account the client’s individual requirements and profile
  • •   Arranging the presence of VIPs from social, political and cultural circles at the event, assuring attendance by celebrities
  • •   Arranging a cultural and musical program for the event
  • •   Arranging a fashion show by famous Czech designers at your event
  • •   Arranging a suitable program depending on the type of event
  • •   Arranging a moderator depending on the character of the event
  • •   Creating a special event taking into consideration the requirements and character of the client and its product
  • •   Arranging catering for an event
  • •   Arranging attractive and representative hostesses