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Relax in Slovakia: thermal spas and heated seat from the 24 carat gold

Eight outter pools with beneficial geothermal water, fifteen helter-skelters and slides, fifteen pools with pure water, fun attractions for children, relaxing zone or an attraction with Swarowski crystals and 24 carats gold – that´s slovakian Gino Paradise Bešeňová. If you hesiatate where to seek the ralax or trip with the children it´s undoubtable that this whole-year open water paradise is the right choice.
Beneficial sources
Favourie aqua resort Gino Paradise Bešeňová lies 9 kilometeres from Ružomberok in the wider area of Liptov – one of the most popular regions for tourism in Slovakia. Resort is built on the hot sources of thermal waters which are coming from the depth of 1987 meters with the temperature of more than 60 degrees of Celsium. „Sources are beneficial for the motion and breathing organs, have positive cosmetic impact and influence the psychical condition thanks to the content of Lithium,“ says Lýdia Chovancová, marketing director of the resort and adds that the geothermal water contains also calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, mangan, significant amount of sulphates, bicarbonates and a lot of other minerals.
Children and adults will enjoy water attractions
Bešeňová offers eight outter pools with geothermal waters with the temperature of more than 40 degrees of Celsium, eight outter pools with pure heated water, seven inner pools and fifteen helter-skelters and slides. Do you want to enjoy adrenalin? Try the longest and fastest helter-skelters from the 30 meters high tower. The unique experience and unrepeatable atmosphere of the sea and shorebreaks is offered by the pool with the artificial waves. „The children will really enjoy our place. The new pool with castle, slides, mini helter-skelters, water cannons and sprayers are available for them. The pool with huge bubbles, Raft River where you can let yourself carry away on the raft and enjoy the surrounding nature or big pirate ship with diving center are also favourite,“ said Lýdia Chovancová.
Comfortable accomodation right in the heart of the water paradise
If you want to know more about the nature of Litpov region or make the relaxing programme in Bešeňová longer use the local hotels right next to the pools. They offer 144 stylish hotel rooms, studios and apartments with the view on the aquapark resort and panorama of Low Tatras or Chočské vrchy. You will find there even plenty of restaurants and bars and modern convent center.
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TMR evaluates the winter season

DEMÄNOVSKÁ DOLINA – (23rd April 2015) – Tatry Mountain Resort, a.s. (TMR) published the main indicators of winter season 2014/2015 in TMR resorts.  

Teacher´s day has been celebrated in Pardubice.

Meeting on the international teacher´s day took place in Sukov Hall of the Musical Palace in Pardubice on the Wednesday of 15th April. The main star of the festive afternoon the opera singer and solist of The National Theatre in Prague Andrea Togel Kalivodová was performing accompanied with piano player and professor of Musical School Of Pardubice Vlasta P?idalová.  

Winter season in Špindl is finishing. Children are skiing for 1 CZK.

Although the most of ski resort has already finished its winter operation you can still ski in Špindl until Sunday of 19th March. Let´s take the last chance to ski on the empty slope with cheaper skipasses this year.  

TMR purchases the Silesian Fun Park

Demanovska Dolina (14th April 2015) – Taty Mounatin Resort, a.s. (TMR) has announced that it finally decided to overtake 3/4 share of Silesian Fun Park from the polish WPKiW S.A. TMR wants to invest 120 mil PLN (30 mil EUR) to modernization of park within next five years. TMR starts to operate ?l?skie Weso?e Miasteczko near polish Chorzów town on the 1st of May.  

National competition of Žena regionu knows its absolute winner

The 6th season of national competition Žena regionu knows its winner. Based on the amount of public votes the prestgious prize goes to Andrea Kulová from Brno who established the foundation “Pro Mat?je”. The national competition Žena regionu took place with the support of Czech Senate and finished with the gala in the beginning of April.