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Prime Communications, Ltd., operates in the field of marketing communications, public relations and event management and we offer our clients a professional and comprehensive service in these areas. Our goal is always a satisfied client who has placed his trust in us. Prime Communications has been active on the market since 2008. Our PR agency has an excellent reputation because of its flexibility, reliability and individual approach to each client. “When I founded this company some years ago, my goal was to establish a stable company offering clients an individual approach and quality services in the field of PR and event management. I’m glad I was able to put together a team of professionals whose diligence, enthusiasm and reliability contribute to the company’s reputation”, said company executive Denisa Kalivodová.
Our team consists of nine specialists who are very experienced experts:
Senior PR consultants
Media consultants
Specialists in event management
Production team
Creative workers
Graphic designers
Account managers
IT, online specialists and experts in social networks
They all take care to ensure that the best marketing and PR projects or events are planned and realized for our clients. Our consultants have experience working as editors, head editors and editors in chief in major Czech media and they use their knowledge of the media environment during their work. Depending on our clients’ individual requirements, they are able to present a certain target group suitable for the client, company or product to profiled media. Our PR consultants continue to expand their knowledge and understanding, they attend seminars and educate themselves in the field of marketing and news in public relations and they also respond flexibly to changes in the market and the development of online media and social networks such as My Space, Facebook or Twitter. The PR consultants and media consultants also work with several independent consultants who recommend further innovative steps.
  • We provide our clients with complex services in the field of marketing communications
  • We provide professional public relations (in addition to traditional PR, we also focus on a special public relations and internal communication)
  • We offer complex services in the field of event management
  • We offer trend analysis to our clients and describe the current situation on the market
  • We define target groups for the product or service depending on requirements. We create a communication strategy for the client on the basis of identification of target groups. Part of our work is to design the most effective tools and channels for implementation of a specific project.
  • We assure an effective and productive dialogue between the client and the target group, especially in areas where traditional advertising has minimal impact, or is totally ineffective.
  • We follow current trends in online media and use popular social networks for promoting the client’s product or service.
We advocate and support an individual approach to the client’s communication needs, we endorse the philosophy of “Your concept is also our concept”. We are the architects of your communications. Our relationships with clients are always based on openness, trust and professionalism. We pride ourselves on the fact that our cooperation is based on long-term business partnerships.
  • Questionnaire for journalists
  • Market and media analysis from the perspective of the competition
  • Special interviews with the media
  • Press releases and press conferences
  • Introducing new products onto the market
  • Special support activities
  • Advice in crisis management
  • Organization of client presentations
  • The press department of our agency
  • Media lobbying
  • Media training for the client